Manufacturers and Suppliers of Marine Plywood

The marine plywood is mostly utilized in applications where ply will be exposed to water for a long time. Hence, all types of woodwork like building boats and ships should be ideally prepared with Marine plywood, however, it’s not suited for making stylish furniture. Marine Plywood is quite underestimated by homeowners in terms of choosing the best plywood for home products.

It is an ideally suited material where you need to deal with an excess of water flow. Factories, shipping industry, kitchens, and bathrooms have the necessity of these plywood. For a compressed wood to be waterproof pressed wood, it needs to obey some standards like

  • It is mandatory to use waterproofing Glue
  • Strictly avoid Voids or Vacuums
  • The veneers should be of the best quality
  • Should pass all the laboratory test specified for IS:7107

The quality and strength of marine plywood are denoted by grades like Boiling Water Proof (BWP) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR). Do recognize these grades while buying such plywoods.

Well, the facts demonstrate that marine plywood is quite superior to MR or UF plywoods regarding their properties or even its assembling style.

Marine plywood is utilized in conditions where the plywood will certainly face outrageous climate conditions, for example, being kept immersed in water.


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